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Hi there! My name is Tiffany Kersten, a 34-year-old professional bird guide and sexual assault survivor. I'm spending 2021 traveling, birding, and gifting personal safety alarms to women birders I meet on the trails along the way. I will be blogging about my experience with both the birds and the people - getting perspectives on women's safety in the outdoors from both men and women. It is due time these conversations are had.


For every $50 raised, one additional personal safety alarm (retail $30) will be gifted to a woman I run into along the trails during my travels. The remainder will be used to offset travel expenses. If you are inspired to donate, you may do so here: http://gf.me/u/zk4n6t

Women Bird Guides

I'm often contacted by women looking for other female guides in places throughout the United States. Below is a list of the female guides I'm aware of - this is by no means a comprehensive list, and I'll be continuing to add to it as I find more. 

If you know someone who should be added to this list, please email me at tiffanykersten@gmail.com and I will collect their info! 


    Mono Lake area: 

    Nora Livingston - nora@monolake.org 

    Central CA: 

    Rachel Clark - tanagergirl@gmail.com 


    Sue Riffe -  http://birdwatchingtours.net


    Mariel Abreu - http://www.natureisawesometours.com


    Hob Osterlund - 

New York 

    NYC Area: 

    Heather Wolf - hwbirds@gmail.com


    Rio Grande Valley: 

    Tiffany Kersten - tiffanykersten@gmail.com